Delicious meals created from local and simple ingredients.


I started cooking for myself after I got married to my husband in 2014. I had gotten to a point where home cooked meals had more meaning to me, being able to sit down and connect with my husband with a nourishing meal in front of us was priceless. The savory smell of the meal and the great conversation created the perfect calmness we needed after a  long day of work. As the years passed I realized that I really enjoyed cooking. I would rush home to get into the kitchen and create, make mistakes, burn pots and pans, and enjoy every moment of it! I would dig deep into cookbooks and go to farmers markets to find the most fresh produce I could find.

Throughout those years a learned a lot and within those years my family grew. My love in the kitchen decreased, I felt like I didn’t have anytime to cook, we began to eat out more. And although eating out can be awesome, it got expensive and I wanted my children to have home cooked meals. I wanted them to see their mother cooking food for them from starch. Intuitively, I knew that making my meals simple was best for my family. I also realized that creating time was important too. In America, everything has to be quick now. Quick workouts, quick meals, quick conversations, everything is so short and quick. Don’t get me wrong, a quick workout makes more time in my day, for nice slow cooked short ribs. But I didn’t want to rush in the kitchen and I longed for the joy that I once had in the kitchen.

This platform was created to feel a space that was lacking. I want to help families get back into the kitchen and have more time to create meals and make them simple. To be able to cook meals with food that is local & in season and to be able to grab ingredients from the pantry to create greatness! Let’s show our little ones that food can be delicious without being processed and full of ingredients we don’t know how to pronounce.

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